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CCNA Semester 4 Threaded Case Study
WAN Information

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Project Scenario
WAN Information
Belfast Configuration
Cork Configuration
Cork_LAN Configuration
Galway Configuration
Limerick Configuration
Frame Relay Configuration
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Here is the topology of the case study. 

Network Description


Galway LAN

The specifications of the Galway LAN ACL are basic. The ACL is to prohibit the hosts of the Galway LAN from access past the Galway LAN router, unless the application protocol is HTTP of the port number 80. The critical aspect of the ACL is not to affect the communications of the Galway LAN with the rest of the network. For that reason the ACL will be placed on the inbound direction of the ethernet 0 interface on the Galway router. The ACL will deny access to the ISP, unless port 80 is used, and permit everything else. This ensures less latency than on another router and network simplicity.


IP Scheme

The IP scheme for this network needs to satisfy the large number of users for the different logical groups. The Galway LAN has 512 devices, while the Cork LAN has 750. In order to accommodate these large groups, two subnets are created using 10 bits for the hosts, enabling a possible 1022 IP address per subnet. This ensures that a valid amount of IP addresses is available not only for present devices but for future expansion as well. The IP address is then subnetted further for the serial links until 2 bits are used for the hosts.

Phase 1: Addressing the WAN
Name Interface/Subnet Mask
Limerick S0
Cork E0
Cork S0
Cork S1
Galway E0
Galway S0
Belfast E0
Belfast S0
Belfast S1
Galway DHCP Pool
Cork LAN
Frame_Relay S0
Frame_Relay S1


Network Information
Item Configured Values
Belfast: Name of NAT pool public_access
Belfast:ACL number 1
ACL number for ACL filtering Galway LAN traffic 101
Router for ACL filtering Galway LAN traffic Galway
Configured port for ACL filtering Galway LAN traffic E0
Configured direction for ACL filtering Galway LAN traffic out
ISP Server IP address
ISP Server subnet mask
ISP Server default gateway
Filename of wab page on ISP Server c:/test.html

ISP Information


Router: ISP

IP Address:

Default Gateway:


Project Scenario

Belfast Configuration