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CCNA Semester 4 Threaded Case Study
Project Scenario
WAN Information
Belfast Configuration
Cork Configuration
Cork_LAN Configuration
Galway Configuration
Limerick Configuration
Frame Relay Configuration
About Us


Welcome to the CCNA Semester 4 Threaded Case Study Website!!!
Welcome to our website.  This website contains our groups work on the Semester 4 WANs Threaded Case Study.  Our groups objectives were: Set up the physical layout of the network using the diagram and accompanying narrative, Correctly configure single-area OSPF, Correctly configure VLANs and 802.1q trunking, Correctly configure Frame Relay, Correctly configure DHCP, Correctly configure NAT, Create and apply access control lists on the appropriate routers and interfaces, Verify that all configurations are operational and functioning according to the scenario guidelines, Provide detailed documentation in a prescribed form as listed in the deliverables sections.


About Us